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For banks and distributors

Counting and sorting machines
for all types of banknotes,
checks and coins
at a competitive cost.



Last generation and fully owned

We have combined in our devices the most recent advances in electronics and materials, with our knowledge of the processes of cash management.

Easy to use

Great user acceptance

The result of our work is a
complete range of products easy to use and to support, based on a minimalistic manufacturing point
of view.


Over 40 years experience

The experience and "know how" has been accumulating over the past 40 years, through developing, manufacturing and servicing many different devices.

THR 250


The use of the actual state of the art in electronics and electro mechanics has made possible a fresh new concept in banknote recycling that makes this technology affordable by any bank or retailer.
THR 250

The THR 250 TCR makes possible the simple service routine device on the market. Just some minutes of basic training is enough for the staff of the branch to be able not only to use it, but also to perform basic service issues, like cleaning, note jams, etc.

There are no screws needed to loose if you need to open the note validator, nor the transport.

The device handles paper and polymer banknotes with transparent areas. It can scan checks, at same speed with enough resolution for OCR recognition.

The THR 250 TCR is built using "hybrid" recycling technology (drum and stacker) allowing replenishment or extraction of the banknote without being handled by the operator manually. It provides as well much higher storing capacity.


Processing speed of 6 to 8 banknote per second long edge first (LEF) for acceptance and dispensing (depending of the width of the banknote).

Eight extractable drum recycling cassette of 450 banknotes nominal capacity.

Banknote validation unit provides information about the surface of the banknote in visible, infrared and ultraviolet lights, magnetic and thickness.

Images can be stored as well as the identification data for further tracing as required by the rules of some countries.

The device has been evaluated positively in the banknote handling.


Physical escrow outside the safe box of 450 or 900 banknote capacity.

High capacity drum recycling cassette of 900 banknotes.

Up to 4 high capacity recycling stacking cassettes of 1800 banknotes.

Presence of the above allows to any of the 8 recycling cassettes to be used for multi-denomination (mixed banknote) still holding the recycling ability.



Why we suppose the THR 250 is better option for your branch?

The main issue is you will not find most of THR 250 standard features in other equipment of the same price level from other vendors.



Reduced dimensions, makes it fit below standard table height.

Shareable by two or more tellers.





Simplicity and serviceability. The THR 250 TCR is so simple, that any branch staff member after one hour training will be able to remove any note jam that can happen during working activity. It doesn't either need to unscrew any part to get access to the note validator, nor horizontal and vertical transport and cassettes.



Counterfeiting using "combined" taped notes, it´s becoming a standard problem for banks all over the world. Our "full note length" thickness control, recognizes the smallest thickness irregularities of the note. Now let´s sort out notes with tape on it!

Not in the THR 250 case!
The ability to upgrade the
number of stored templates up
to 144 and "mixed deposit" allow
you to configure the device to
accept up to 8 currencies
without losing the recycling


This function, cannot be found in devices with much higher pricing than the THR 250. This function is used to recognize and save in DB serial numbers of notes and numbers of checks. The function is very useful in disputes with clients, CITs and regulators. Just imagine the situation (typical in some East Europe and Asia countries) when bank officer is returning the counterfeit note to customer, who is claiming the different note is returned by the teller! The receipt with serial numbers or full image will cool this kind of cheaters!



In many countries currency exchange becomes a challenge for TAU´S because different currencies must be validated and stored.



In many countries one or two denominations take the biggest share of banknotes in circulation. Therefore if you buy TAU´S from other vendors, you will be forced to use more than one cassette (drum) for these denominations. In many USA banks six denominations became only a four denominations device just because they are forced to use two drums for $20 and two for $5 bills. In fact, no other vendor offers 8 cassettes with capacities over six hundred bank notes.


With the THR 250 TCR you never get this problem.

If you find out that you need more "space" for some denominations, you will simply replace any drum cassette by the stacker cassette (option) with up to 2000 notes capacity!

Even without the stacker cassettes you can easily extend the deposit volume of any denomination if you allow "mixed deposit" on some cassettes. In this case, different denomination notes will be stored on the same cassette, still without losing recycling function. This makes big sense for example in Euro countries where €200 and €500 are very rare used in payments, but often are deposited in banks. In this case it makes no sense to get a dedicated cassette for each of these two denominations, which can be mixed, in one drum!

The THR 250 TCR even allows you to perform the check scanning operation with magnetic ink recognition without reducing the acceptance speed.




Deposit tray accepts up to 250 banknote long edge first. Banknote are aligned automatically.

Delivery tray holds up to 250 banknote in a very convenient way for the teller.

Banknote are deposited at the speed of 6 to 8 banknote per second depending of banknote size (width).

Banknote validation unit analyzes the complete surface of the banknote, in IR, UV, Visible, Magnetic and Thickness. Information about last 32.000 banknote is stored in the device memory. It can be retrieved at any time.

Standard template size holds 16 denominations.

The device rejects non-genuine banknote and classifies it as fit/unfit (positively evaluated in the banknote handling) in accordance to the Federal Reserve requirements.

Up to 8 extractable recycling cassette of 450 banknote each.

5" LCD touch screen.



Physical escrow outside the safe box of 450 or 900 banknotes capacity, fully compatible with the rest of recycling cassettes.

Template options for up to 144 denominations.



CEN IV safe.



Selection of the unit by one, two or more tellers.
Deposited banknote can be sorted and stored in respective cassettes or stored as "mixed" deposit on one or more cassettes.
A rejected note comes to the delivery tray with indication of the reason of rejection.
In the case that the deposit operation is canceled per customer request the same deposited notes will be returned.
Banknotes are dispensed in denomination's sequence without any time brakes between denominations.
Emptying to delivery tray in lots of 250 banknote.
Replenishment at any time from deposit tray in lots of up to 250 banknote.


Any of the recycling cassettes can be used as multi-denomination cassette.

Large capacity 8 cassette of 900 banknote (drum type) or 4 x 900 (drum type) plus 4 x 1800 cassette (stacker type).

Notes from any cassette can be "transferred" to any other cassette inside the device.

Loading and unloading by 1.800 banknote stacking cassette.

Non recognised banknotes will be returned to the same cassette.

* May require physical scrow




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