Secure Cash Deposit MK II


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Securecash deposit combines the intelligent pos function and cash deposit at the front office

This implies to have a closed and safe cycle, eliminating the risks derived from handling the collected cash at the point of sale.


Securecash Deposit MK II allows automatically more functions than the Securecash Deposit MK I:


The Securecash Deposit unit shares all the main functions of its brothers; MK I and MK II, as well as its characteristics of coin and bank recycler, connectivity, device integration and POS.

  • Automatic storage of the collection within the security vault.
  • The amount that you want to keep as a cash fund is programmable.
  • It allows to store more amount of cash when it is deposited in the security box, minimizing the risk of transferring the daily collection to the Bank.
  • Facilitates the cash withdrawal by the fund transport company with security transport bags.


Securcash deposit solution allows cash management to be improved by the cashier, completing collection and payment operations with return of change and providing total security by avoiding internal fraud and dissuading potential robbers.
In addition, the excess of cash required as a cash fund for changes can be automatically deposited in the security box inside the deposit bags for transportation, which allows compliance with the citizen security norm in sectors such as: gas stations or service stations, large shopping centers, 24-hour shops, recreational parks and leisure areas.
With Securcash deposit, having a safety box approved by the transport companies of funds, you can choose to hire convenient products as “date value”(once the money is in the safe, it will appear in your account) for the cash that is deposited in the safe, or simply withdrawal of funds , which from now on will be reduced since it will be able to lodge more cash during more time.

Employee productivity:

The Securecash also allows to improve employee productivity.

Being freed from the tasks of counting, validation and tidy storage of banknotes and coins, can provide better customer service and even promote products and services that may interest them.

The accounting close allows automatic gain a usable time on other tasks.

Size and ergonomics

Its small size and ergonomics allows for easy installation in any location, giving an image of modernity to the listing, which will contribute to growth and customer fidelity.


The Secutrecash solutions are offered in two main configurations, Securecash MK I and Securecash MK II.



POS READY option allows you to integrate the different point of sale devices in a complete and compact solution.



It incorporates Vesa support for POS assembly, installed on the front of the equipment to be handled by our employee, or in the back of the same then clients enters directly the money in the  machine, thus allowing to comply with the standards of food handling and hygiene of your business.



Securecash MK II provides ease connection for different devices at the point of sale, eliminating the problem of cables that have to be hide and protect so that they do not cause problems in the normal operation of our business.



Switch and device connection hub (Ethernet, USB), complete the POS READY solution offering to our customers an advanced, compact system and innovative automatic cash management and point of sale.

ico-dimensionDIMENSIONS &


  Deposit MK II  
Height: 1.310 mm  
Width: 430 mm  
Depth: 491 mm  
Height of the safe: 812 mm  
Weight: 812 kg  



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