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For banks and distributors

Counting and sorting machines
for all types of banknotes,
checks and coins
at a competitive cost.



Last generation and fully owned

We have combined in our devices the most recent advances in electronics and materials, with our knowledge of the processes of cash management.

Easy to use

Great user acceptance

The result of our work is a
complete range of products easy to use and to support, based on a minimalistic manufacturing point
of view.


Over 40 years experience

The experience and "know how" has been accumulating over the past 40 years, through developing, manufacturing and servicing many different devices.

The use of Securecash is a substantial
improvement in the management of banknotes and coins

Securecash payment tower solution provides to any POS optimized cash management, improving the management in any business (gas stations, supermarkets, call centers, large surfaces restaurants, bars, fast-food, ...), also providing safety to prevent internal fraud and deter potential robbers.
Secure Cash


Cashier identification by access code or fingerprint.
Counting and validate the customer payment (bills and coins).
Return the exact change (bills and coins).
Facilitate shift of the cashiers and closing cash desk as the straighten is automatic.
Local or remote control of the accounting and operational status of Securcash units, allowing the optimization of cash available in each.
Prevent internal fraud, employees do not have access to the stored cash.
Deter potential robbers, cash lies in the safes with alarm activation if forced open or shift its location.

Employee productivity:

The Securecash also allows to improve employee productivity.

Being freed from the tasks of counting, validation and tidy storage of banknotes and coins, can provide better customer service and even promote products and services that may interest them.

The accounting close allows automatic gain a usable time on other tasks.

Size and ergonomics

Its small size and ergonomics allows for easy installation in any location, giving an image of modernity to the listing, which will contribute to growth and customer fidelity.
The solution is offered in two main configurations:

Compact unit suitable for easy installation. 
Standing unit provided with any level of Safe Chest.



Single mouth banknote reading. 

Supports all denominations.

Accepts and validates notes one by one.

Banknotes do not require prior preparation, accepts any order, any face.

Speed 2 note / second.

Rejection of non-genuine banknotes (ECB approved).

Recycling up to 3 denominations in independent cylinders with capacity of 50/60 notes each.

Dispensing of change (3 denominations ).

Removable safety box to store non recyclable denominations or excess of recycled ones (600 notes for Mark I, and 2500 for Mark II).

Orderly loading of cylinders from mouth.

Orderly unloading of cylinders to mouth or to safety stacking cassette.


ico-dimensionDIMENSIONS &

  MARK I  
Height: 490 mm  
Width: 380 mm  
Depth: 491 mm  


Accepts all denominations including 1 eurocent. 

Accepts and validates coins in bulk (up to 50). 

Validates 3 coins / second. 

Rejects of non- genuine coin. 

Recycles 8 denominations.

High speed dispensing of 8 denominations.

Dispenses exact change with 8 denominatiosns from two multidenominations hoppers.

Hoppers capacity 325 - 775 (referred to 1 € and 1 cent).

Orderly loading/unloading of hoppers from/to in/out mouths.



3 or 6 mm steel safe for Securecash MK I

12 mm steel or CEN levels III and IV for Securecash MK II

Mechanical and electronic key locks of various types according to customer  needs.



Fingerprint recognition. 

Quick authentication by means of local database and / or remote databases.

LCD of 3 lines with 20 characters each.




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CashPhenix Europe will participate at the annual ATMIA “European ATMS 2015” conference which will take place this year in London on June 16-17th.Our company will present the latest developments and products including Cash&Roll coin roll dispenser and the THR250 teller Cash Recycling machine.

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